see Hangzhou squall car event triggered by the network marketing

May 7th, Hangzhou Fujiazidi Hu Bin city road when the F1 circuit, and eventually lead to a good future of Zhejiang University Students Tan Zhuo die on the spot. Since the incident, there are indications that the event will lead to human flesh search.

in Hangzhou, Hangzhou is the first city newspaper to get the first information source, immediately edit a follow-up report, the 4 section (on a daily newspaper 4 pages is a big event in the metropolis newspaper reporter and editor), write very provocative, we stand in the reader’s position, such the report is in line with the people, but we must not forget the perpetrators of the mother is Hangzhou CPPCC members, second days, city express no content, can not find. But in this case, a community of Hangzhou the event made a special, can also be said that the incident a hype, results in the original of all that good 19 more on the first floor, is really the "20 floor", so, Hangzhou millionaire Hu Bin city road when the F1 circuit, and eventually lead to a good future of Zhejiang University Students Tan Zhuo such events on the spot the 19 floor to another level.

there is a Hangzhou city network, also made a special Hangzhou Wen two road racing, the rich kids stuffed in a car accident killed by Zhejiang University Students (you can see), are divided into several channels the two West 19 floor, the two road racing racing horizon, rich kid killed Tan Zhuo Zhejiang University, Zhejiang university students, Tan Zhuo Tan Zhuo’s farewell will the two road racing event rich kid racing two West Hangzhou, the incident of Hu Bin Lu Hongying of Hangzhou, the latest and most complete reports are commented, the tens of thousands of flow that comes, this gun, Hangzhou city network to play nice.

Analysis and comment on

network marketing, website operators and Internet popular events, but this is all Internet related small share. Compared with the concerns of the public social hot events "millionaire Hu Bin city road when the F1 circuit", the degree of social concern is less obvious. Although the professional search engine is the lack of enthusiasm, the search engine is based on the existence of the recommended search users are most concerned about the content.

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