How to make your site will be laid the golden egg

wrote an article on how to improve the corporate website how to improve the turnover rate, mainly about the benefits of a number of transaction sites, and now to talk about what kind of non transaction site.

1, the site did not feel

website opened the price of Baidu, with the flow, the conversion rate is not up, although keywords are very accurate, the flow is also very large. The reason is that the site did not say that the service force, although the user is running to the product, can come to the site, the product is not like he wanted to buy. Simple point of view, did not look attractive. There is no reason for me to buy you do not believe that the site sent to the side of the friends of the comments, saying that this is your opponent’s website, to the point of evaluation? 100 bad scold dead you!

2, the picture is not clear

many websites or products of the picture is not clear, some from the network is COPY, some are downloaded from the official website, some of their own. Thanks to drag, you come with a website to make money, can not professional, please professional artists to deal with the price is not expensive, not a professional class don’t zhuangbility, such a waste of cost is small, discourage you make money is the most deadly. Life can not be from failure to success, only from success to success.

3, copywriting is not professional

directly from the manufacturers or agents to copy the copy of the product must not be professional, whether it is a picture of the mold or deformation, I do not say, do not say you see Jingdong or outstanding network is so dry. People have the money brand, the turnover rate is N financing to drop out of money, we can’t learn good? Spend some money to do a product copy, the turnover rate increased, can make money, one by one, are still not in this time also can not afford to consume. Thinking of a single product have not learned to wash sleep! Don’t play on the Internet, so you can not earn money


4, customer service system

customer service does not seem insignificant, in fact, this is a very important part of the high turnover rate of many sites. The customer does not understand the product or customer psychology, not just the answer, please answer a robot automatic save more, although this is no easy transaction.

If the

user is looking for a living person, it will prove that the content of the web page has not solved his problem. The training of the system is very necessary, it is best to meet the 100 problems encountered by the client to copy the exercise, there are questions to answer the whole case out, one by one to answer a good, compiled in the customer service software at any time standby. Must be able to professional posts, or in a bad mood, arbitrary answer customer questions, the consequences you understand.

5, activities are not attractive

see activity or Taobao every day, also a whole optimization, discount, I wonder if people are behind the line activities of the support system, the surface is not simple make a break so easily, also want to copy a copy. OK.

also, not all products need to be discounted to attract users, do >

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