The telephone marketing business almost everyone shouting why

for a variety of reasons, our phone number has been in the hands of many businesses, in their eyes, we are a group of potential customers. However, the telephone marketing businesses with almost everyone shouting why? Guard Yuan Kun and a telephone marketing director chatted.

at present, most telemarketing is simply not marketing. Because marketing is to promote the potential customer transactions, and sales are direct selling things. Most of what we’ve got is just a phone call.

according to the telephone marketing director, at present a novice entry, basic wages and other costs up to 100 yuan / day, one day need to play more than 100 phone calls. If you recruit 10 people, only need 1000 dollars, can be more than 1000 phone calls a day. For many industries, the cost of a customer transaction will come back, and in most cases not only deal with a customer.


for most businesses, although the sales rate of telephone sales is not high, the rate of return is still very high, so businesses still like. Basically, sales staff can adhere to three months is very good, of course, the company’s fixed line is also almost a month for a crop of three.

phone sales is a common active marketing, as long as the potential customers encounter demand, their products are not bad, there is always a customer is willing to be traded. Guardian yuan Kun found that compared to other marketing methods, a dollar a phone (a promotion) seems to be really low cost, but also high returns.

we know that senior telesales staff have a very strong word, of course, for their specific words, then believe that the electricity sales have more or less friends know. Basically according to the words to chat, are willing to have a chance to chat.

Electricity sales personnel more and more

did not pass through on the job training, no practice, but also understand the operation of their products is not enough, the mood is relatively stiff, with more and more industries are in telephone sales. For the user to see the phone call is the norm, do not call it good. Now smart phones have a tag function, report more.


why businesses are still selling electricity? In fact, a major reason for the high cost of low returns. But the more important reason is: other marketing methods do not understand.

Guardian yuan Kun found a lot of Internet Co, especially in the network marketing are still using electricity sales approach, it is understood that they will not find other marketing methods. In fact, a lot of Internet marketing company mainly electricity sales, but told customers I can help you do network marketing, think really funny.

phone sales are not wrong, but most of them do not know who is the opposite, because most of the phone number is bought. Do not know if there is a need for users, whether it is their own potential customers, blind marketing is more likely to affect the company’s reputation

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