Canada Company sued NBC global theft of trade secrets to create Hulu


technology news Beijing time on March 24th afternoon news, according to foreign media reports, Hulavision company of Canada on Tuesday sued the video site Hulu and the investment side of NBC universal, accused NBC of global executives met with the company founder, steal its registered trademark and commercial secrets.

Hulavision and its founder Errol ·, Hula (Errol), said the company developed a technology that can be directly transmitted to the audience through television networks. Hura business development executives and then NBC universal, Raymond · worg · de · Aus (Raymond Vergel de di Dios) met at a trade fair in Las Vegas, and was invited to discuss further cooperation. Hura said, he signed a confidentiality agreement, in the spring of 2006 and NBC after this, he announced his company’s business model, marketing strategy, product roadmap and a share of the revenue model ", which contains some valuable trade secrets.

Hulavision said in the indictment: "Vogel de · · diounce never told Hura, interested in the development of any NBC global and Hu pull project of a similar project, never said that if the global NBC of the classified information of interest, so in addition can pull cooperation with Hu, there will be other the intention."

March 2007, NBC global and news group announced the establishment of a video site, then named Hulu. Hu said that the name is very close to the "Hula". Hulavision said, Hulu almost everything is stolen from the Hulavision, even the name is no exception.

Hulavision said in the indictment: "name of hu la confidential information proves why the use of Hula or Hulavision can benefit and value, and how in a challenging market in the deployment of this concept and plan. Hu’s confidential information also shows the way and the reason for the project to work with NBC global."

NBC spokesman said: "the unfounded allegations, NBC will actively respond to global."

this is not the first time Hulu encounter legal proceedings. Earlier, the Internet content publisher Lulu has sued Hulu infringed its registered trademark, but the case was finally settled.

Huluvision think NBC global existence of improper use of trade secrets, breach of contract (agreement), breach of implied contract, destruction of confidential relationship, unfair competition and unjust enrichment behavior, so ask for compensation, but did not refine the amount of compensation.

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