Sogou alliance was divided into more than 1 billion in 2015 the goal is not Baidu

September 15th, Sogou alliance new era, mobile achievements in the future, the first Union summit held in Beijing. With the depth of cooperation with Tencent, Sogou has launched a number of WeChat public content search and WeChat headlines, Sogou differentiation continues to expand, becoming the only challenger Baidu. According to iResearch the latest chinese Unicorn valuation list, Sogou is a unicorn company in a very small number of large-scale profit of the company.

Sogou and Baidu differentiation strategy is remarkable, Sogou second quarter revenue of $1 billion, net profit of $180 million. In the field of mobile search, we want to do things that opponents can not do. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said.

the development of the mobile Internet to the advertising industry to bring ecological change, the advertising market is shrinking trend, the company’s marketing ideas are changing. Sogou data attribute 516 million + behavior based on users, and big data analysis capabilities, capture the users for technology driven media play + creative interaction "is the advertising form of goodwill, and Sogou input method Sogou Sogou search and browser as the main force, created through PC and mobile terminal product line layout the user and service, connected together by the network alliance, search, information flow and a series of innovative products, can cooperate with various types of wireless traffic were the starting point.

Sogou monthly users reached 516 million, ranking the country’s second. At the same time, Sogou input method, the browser search, three core products are doing well, Sogou input method for mobile phone monthly active users over 230 million, ranking the third largest mobile application Chinese. Sogou mobile search, market share of 17.8%, ranking in the top second. Sogou browser coverage of nearly 25%, covering up to 117 million people, ranking in the top third.

in the second quarter of 2015, Sogou alliance mobile traffic rose by 110% over the same period last year, mobile revenue doubled, Sogou overall advertising revenue reached $147 million, Internet Co in the country after BAT, excellent soil, 360, ranked sixth, enter the Internet camp. At the same time, the ability to divide the Sogou alliance also continued to improve, in 2015 the coalition is divided into over 1 billion Sogou, is expected in 2016 will reach 15-20 billion.

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