The survival way of educational websites

      with the revival of the Internet, the Internet has become a hot spot of venture capital. At present, the domestic large and small education website very much. According to whether the business operations can be divided into two categories: first, non operating sites, such sites by the government funding for the construction, management and operation of the various departments of education, free use of teaching resources. Around the office of Education (Commission, bureau) website, part of the city education metropolitan area belongs to this category; two, commercial sites, such sites by the enterprise investment or a large proportion of commercial operation. Educational information services, teaching resources, value-added services, educational metropolitan area network investment. Non operating sites do not involve commercial operations, in this discussion, we focus on the analysis of commercial sites, commercial sites operating models have the following categories:

      (1) basic network service

      includes websites: most of the operating sex metropolitan area networks are generally sold by seller credit owners.

      operation mode: network operators revenue mainly comes from the network access fees, monthly pay fees for the use of broadband access to the school, the amount from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, the school for students extracurricular internship fees as subsidies. Operators to provide educational information, educational resources, application services, etc..

      business philosophy: the general network established by the seller credit, investors see is a large scale network, hundreds of schools, teachers and students of hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of families in addition as affiliated clients. Through the construction of education metropolitan area, to attract more users to absorb the Internet, in order to look forward to bring more Internet access services revenue.

      comment: as the most widely used mode of operation of the current education metropolitan area, its advantages: simple and stable charging mode, access to a certain size of the school after a good income. Disadvantages: one size fits all charges easily lead to objections, unfair. In addition to the website operators worry is a network access service is facing competition in the telecom operators, on the other hand center website appeal to schools has also become a problem, most sites do not pay attention to the construction of software, application service, the lack of teaching resources attraction, schools are reluctant to pay.

      representative website: Jiangmen education man

      (two) net model

      website include: all kinds of school, tutoring website, online tutoring website

      operation mode: this kind of website is generally "Elite + teacher + synchronous teaching + online tutoring", "joint enterprise and school"

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