Taobao open privilege old name card sellers can delete bad


] September 20th news billion state power network, billion state power network that recently launched the "seller name card" function, recently issued a notice to the seller name card "has" N years old "the seller opened delete anomaly evaluation function detection.

said, "the seller" name card "N years old" the seller, in the evaluation of management from the buyers in the interface, there will be a new "scan shop nearly 30 days in the poor evaluation is abnormal".

new scan shop for nearly 30 days to receive the evaluation function

sellers can click on the scan to receive the evaluation of the test, if the evaluation does have an exception will show a list of processing, the seller can click on the handle button to remove the anomaly evaluation.

sellers can click on the "handle" button to deal with abnormal evaluation

and according to the publicity of Taobao, the new features will be launched in September 26th on-line trial.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Taobao’s "seller name card" function is calculated by the seller shop experience time for sellers to "N years old" signs. It is reported that only the operating time of more than 5 years of accumulation of shops have a seller’s business card".

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