WeChat service platform exposure has access to five service providers

news February 24th, billion state power network access to news, after rumors that WeChat is preparing for the service provider platform has been on-line test version, named WeChat cloud".

it is understood that the WeChat cloud beta domain name weixin.qcloud.com, is the official website of Tencent cloud two domain name. Informed sources told billion state power network, in the WeChat cloud platform service providers need to use cloud services Tencent.


WeChat cloud platform beta interface

At present,

, WeChat cloud platform test version has access to the five service providers, which are easy to micro, WeChat micro purchase, Kaka, both poly micro and WeChat business. Among them, the main business of the micro purchase easy public platform including WeChat product search, print, online courier express logistics tracking; the main services provided include micro membership card management, micro mall, micro official website building construction; WeChat Kaka provides services including micro website / micro mall establishment, WeChat fashion print etc..


technical director Alfred to disclose billion state power network service provider, WeChat cloud platform is the existing Tencent choose cooperation, the service provider will enter the platform through the application in the way. The future of WeChat cloud may also be in accordance with the frequency of service providers and customer evaluation to rank.

according to the announcement of the Tencent, the current application settled in WeChat cloud platform service providers need to submit details including the company name, the company’s Web site, the company’s main business, the company size, etc.. Audit time is about one week, the audit criteria include the full extent of the information provided by the service provider, service providers, product experience and specific communication.

In addition, WeChat cloud platform website is currently not set up businesses can directly purchase services or contact with the service provider, only attached to a service provider can jump to the official website of the link


it is understood that WeChat had been in the near future will aggregate WeChat third party service providers to build a service platform, and will also be invited in all data service providers will migrate to the Tencent cloud, one can guarantee the security of the data, on the other hand can also take this with Alibaba, Amazon and other companies to snatch market share of cloud services.

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