Promote nternet wedding wedding photography wedding wedding business Wed114 network mission

Internet is a battlefield, as long as the capital, entrepreneurs will smell a stampede in the potential business opportunities for the industry, into the fresh blood.

wedding market has recently emerged a lot of new venture Internet Co while the industry has also been favored by the capital, the industry was known as the sweet industry. After all, the wedding market in any country is just, especially in Chinese, traditional population concept, to the marriage age for both men and women to escape this marriage thing. Data show that the current wedding industry output value of more than six hundred billion.


even in the era of rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet changes, as the line is still very heavy traditional industries have not been able to subvert the entire established model of the Internet leader.

seems to have a lot of online wedding platform, also has its own characteristics: the wedding as the starting point to hi friends, happy net; marriage network as the representative of the wedding photography into a one-stop service platform for the industry to wed114; also in August the studio led by traditional businesses try wedding 020.

is committed to the wedding is also inevitable coincidence


relative to the nearly one or two years have emerged from the marriage platform, Wed114 network can be said to be the first to get married the next line of business to gather a one-stop service platform line. The former may want to join the fun of eating this big cake economy, but in the past few years have been digging into the wedding opportunities wed114 founder seems to create an online platform is more like a necessary mission.

"I was going to

and lover like any young couple like ordinary before shoot a group wedding, but traveled almost the entire city is in a satisfactory number of contrast and toss in the studio." Its founder said. "08 years although the Internet is booming, but there is no 020 concept, I find wedding businesses based on the experience of the blind, plus I love itself on the Internet, so I intend to cut the wedding industry and friends in wedding photography, dispersion polymerization in the city businesses, build a comprehensive information platform for real to solve the new marriage troubles."

may not be a career choice, but a career that can be trusted.

According to the founder of

, at the time of their first visit in the city wedding photography businesses have the prestige and reputation in the country, but also to persuade them to shop the net, they impart knowledge of the Internet to change the old concept, and large businesses settled matters related to start taking home so it’s easier to be persuaded. In retrospect it is a passionate time was really suffered cold and supercilious, but ultimately won the trust of many businesses. Thus, the online shops on the build up. Today, the site’s business has covered the size of the country’s more than and 270 cities, stationed in the wedding photography business also increased from the previous dozens to thousands of homes. The reason why a steady stream of businesses into the online flat

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