Witkey Butler launched subscription mail task

as a professional job, how to get the most efficient way Witkey task is very important, whether can be the first time to get in touch with customers, is the key to the success of the bid, and now the most used communication tool is the mail, if you can use email to subscribe to the latest daily task, it will greatly improve the Witkey the work efficiency, increase the possibility of witkey.

this "Witkey housekeeper " for Witkey to create " email subscription tasks, you can use your e-mail to choose to subscribe to their love of Witkey tasks, you can choose a category, you can own input keywords to match, can choose according to your type and timing to send you to mail site.

and the general web subscriptions are not the same, we support the "instant", that is to send if you subscribe to the design task, you select the "instant", then the site has only sent the latest design task will send you to the mail, so you can check your email through various channels the latest Witkey task without the internet.

"regularly send" have different options, you can choose from 0:00 to 23:00 any time to send you the latest 24 hours related to it also avoids the Witkey task, if you are very busy and do not have access to the Internet day and missed the important task of witkey.

Witkey Butler will strive to develop more conducive to Witkey function, make your trip more Witkey relaxed, happy

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click this link to enter the "mail task subscription": http://s.wkabc.com/email/

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