Stationmaster net broadcast Ali 2 billion 400 million shares light media Dong Mingzhu refused to sit

1.500 lottery and then contact the suspension notice: business partner only lottery station  

March 3rd news, following the announcement of the suspension of four kinds of high frequency color sales in February 25th, the 500 lottery network last night issued a moratorium on business cooperation statement.

500 lottery network today announced in February 25th, and the company has business relationships with several provincial sports lottery management center decided to suspend the acceptance from the 500 lottery network orders, 500 lottery network has to stop selling four kinds of high frequency color.

reason for the provincial sports lottery management center to suspend business cooperation, 500 lottery, sports lottery center is to inform the provincial inspection supervision department issued a response.

2 Ali shares of light into the media’s largest shareholder of  ,;


news March 4th, light media today midday announcement, Ali announced 2 billion 400 million yuan stake in the light of the media. Driven by this news, the afternoon of light media opened trading, the stock reached 33.11 yuan. Alibaba shares after the light media, will become its second largest shareholder.

light media announcement that received in February 16, 2015 the Commission issued the "Chinese on the approval of the Beijing light media Limited by Share Ltd of non-public offering of stock" reply.


announcement shows that the light of the media this non-public offering of a total amount of 2 billion 800 million yuan, the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Investment Holdings light for 400 million yuan, the remaining investors according to the inquiry in the non-public offering.

3 information security "black hole" shocking loopholes   37% website;

mobile phone Taobao, red envelopes, booking tickets…… When we are enjoying the convenience of the network to give, but unaware of their privacy information is being employed by criminals. The "Economic Information Daily" reporters before the interview was informed that the current information security "black hole" has reached alarming proportions, the website attack and exploit is developing to the direction of mass, scale, user privacy and rights have been violated, especially some important data even to his country, is not only the personal and corporate information security. The threat has been increased to the level of national security.

Reporters from the sky before the

vulnerability response platform included data show that the platform can lead to 2 billion 360 million known vulnerabilities leakage of private information, including personal information, account password, bank card information, confidential business information etc.. The main sources of data leakage are: Internet sites, games and government systems that have a large amount of information. According to public information, since 2011, there are 1 billion 127 million user privacy information is leaked.

4 yaojinbo acquisition "car" domain name  

YiDianTong jump driving;


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