The regulatory crackdown involving yellow WAP website

jurisprudence WAP site emergency clean-up

may be the limelight after the relapse, regulators need to strike relentless

Given the large number of yellow, grey

WAP website exists, carried out by the Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of public security and other ministries of the national anti vice campaign, also for the first time in May, the WAP website is included in the focus of remediation ranks.


of the "anti" action go forward with great strength and vigour to a lot of jurisprudence WAP caused a great impact, the result is satisfactory. However, many WAP sites are waiting for the limelight to continue to dance with yellow".

WAP site cleaning to check

F is in charge of the content of a well-known domestic WAP website, the "anti" action to his days are busy with bad information on the website to urge.

"now the site is really clean to the extreme!" F some proud to say, do not say pornographic pictures, as long as there is a picture of a woman have been deleted, the only remaining women are basically wearing a picture of the down jacket!"

F said that many people can not help but hilarious, but in fact he is not an exaggeration, in response to the onslaught of the "anti" action, almost all WAP sites are spare no effort to start the "clean-up".

"I heard Beijing several small WAP site has been the police destroy, even the server what have been confiscated, we still have to delete." F shudder to say, "now our web site traffic and a greater degree of decline, but fortunately we these large WAP site or some stable users, so will not suddenly die."

a variety of means to hide the Yellow

in fact, although a lot of WAP sites are advertised that they are innocent, but even a few well-known domestic portal sites owned by WAP have been filled with a variety of pornographic information.

F said that many WAP sites have some means to avoid regulation. "For example, to send WAP PUSH must be divided into the gateway, the Mobile Corporation personnel, department personnel and some VIP users must not be able to send, to other users can use some provocative words to attract them."

in addition, a lot of WAP sites during the day when the page is still very clean, but one night, the contents of the site has come to a big change. Because we feel that the people in charge of the Department will not check it at night!"

interest driven yellow stream repeatedly banned

The reason why the WAP site

source, because of the interest driven. F introduction, sometimes, you can also engage in a two fee, many users do not dare to complain, because the investigation of his own face is not good."

in the face of the "anti" action, F said, many large WAP site must be from >

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