Where is the dilemma of our small and medium sized stationmaster

recently too busy for a long time did not come will be the webmaster, just came back to see the webmaster online flying spittle. Wang Tong is the master of the two Taiwan, taiwan. Seal a sort of person, I am not very clear; Wang Tong still know, but I have never seen him, because he needs money, with his saying I was a poor webmaster can’t pay. But as high in the two people I personally feel that he did not understand the plight of our small and medium-sized webmaster, did not solve some of the problems of our small and medium-sized webmaster.

of course I don’t deny them completely, but I don’t think they are adequate or too advanced. I personally came to Wuhan from Beijing this time I was thinking about the plight of our small and medium-sized webmaster where? What is the reason? Below I talk about the superficial view of the individual.

1 we have lost the timing of the network climax, there is no way to rely on some new ideas and things to attract vc. I personally read 17 times this year, the report of the 4-5, it seems difficult to find the support of the kind of environment. I can not think of why, but on the whole look at the environment of our country will be the trend of traditional industries of energy conservation, information technology will not be a very urgent thing. So as the source of our profits do not increase the cost of online advertising, how do we live in these small and medium


2 small Adsense is a small businessman on the network. We exist on the network in order to be able to get the benefits we want in the network, we are the same as the domestic VC, we will try to reduce investment, the fastest access to the money we want. This idea is also caused many of our small and medium-sized webmaster can not get out of the woods. Now the times are different, we have to think more of the small and medium-sized webmaster can guide our network development, and can not follow this development.

3 the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster flow from the search, we can not escape the curse. If we go on like this forever, not only will it be difficult to develop, but we will be starved to death.

in the end, I hope that we can actively discuss with me, together to discuss the survival of small and medium-sized webmaster Road, to seek common development path of small and medium-sized webmaster.. I will tell my next forecast the development trend of internet. The above is only a superficial understanding of the individual, and we look forward to exchanges and discussions, and jointly promote the development and growth of network entrepreneurs. The above for reference, if you are interested can also communicate with me qq:258474287 I study network phenomenon, website operation, and network project planning. Added, I accept your proposal, declined obloquy.

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