Know almost version of the answer on the line is the source of the plight of salvation

recently, "when are we should play a jubilant, known as the answer can scratch products in pay April Fool’s Day launched the 2 version value between" appeared in the circle of friends. In addition to the color and logo value on the product form in a few weeks ago has just launched a branch.

May 16th, shell network’s "good", in the WeChat public number low-key on-line a paid new product — a voice response. Users can introduce or describe the field of expertise in the sub set, set the price of the question and answer, other users are interested can pay to ask questions. Then at the end of May, should detonated circle of friends.

shell under the line, is a knowledge sharing platform between experts and students, main knowledge sharing and service skills paid. The answer can be seen as a lightweight version of the retail product line, with the same logic. Should the speech form, the questioner asks, asked whether people choose to answer, answer the cost accounted for, and in the distribution of pay, should adopt a multi allocation mechanism.

the day before yesterday, should imitate the "value between 2" on the line.

points should be hot, the value of almost 2 can be hot?

April Fool’s Day launch value almost did not detonate social networking. It’s the answer is the shell, let the world remember know almost once launched on April Fool’s Day "on value".

weeks must also have never thought in the "salt Club" after more than and 20 days, know almost and value will be so frequently mentioned in various articles, and those articles of the protagonist is another product called the answer. Prior to this, whether shell or row, probably have not been known Zhou and his true value, even if it has been said that knowledge of the original Quora under the two eggs in Chinese, one named Zhihu, the other called shell.

a hot why? Everything possible from "what is Wang Sicong’s love of lovemaking positions?" this question. This problem has 17861 people spent a dollar on the sub overheard, randomly triggered a sub circle in the circle of friends.

Colonel feel that this problem and the general sense of "knowledge" has nothing to do, it is not satisfied with these more than 10 thousand people’s curiosity, but curiosity. Thirteen weeks Ji source of wisdom, is to understand the different needs of different "knowledge", "social" means, so with the shell, and a good response, respectively (narrow sense) knowledge, experience and curiosity in three different forms of social content.

nutshell network is the dissemination of knowledge portal, knowledge is standardized, without too much interaction, community only answer these questions in the extension of knowledge; the spread of experience (Know-how), thousands of thousands of people face does not fit into network one-way text, so the next line face to face communication is more appropriate the answer is; curiosity driven, pay one yuan for your curiosity will never meat "

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