Shop real name system in July 1st to implement a large shop license and tax

"if taxes, I might consider shut shop." In the Miss Yu Taobao shop, heard the shop real name will be implemented, but also to meet the requirements of the industrial and commercial registration, once taxed to her crowning calamity. Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), clearly defined shop on the network management of natural persons must be real name authentication, and some large volume sellers even need to handle business license and tax. The "measures" will be formally implemented in July 1st this year.

shop owner said there are also worries pregnant

on Taobao operating a store of adult supplies, Mr. Wang told reporters, shop real name and apply for business license, is a legitimate business protection". He has a physical store, in order to increase sales, but also opened a shop on Taobao, as previously did not ask the shop for business license, so he did not care about this thing. However, due to his monthly store sales reached more than 500 thousand, last year, the industrial and commercial tax department suddenly seized his shop, to a fine of 100 thousand yuan. "I think the Department of industrial and commercial tax evasion, while Mr. Wang to the store for business tax registration, but the shop was not within the scope of their business, which led directly to the business of the trouble. "Now the real name system and business registration, no longer feel alarmed, legitimate business but also a guarantee of my." Mr. Wang told reporters. At the same time, he felt cheated some sinister online buyers shop, hurt consumers, corrupt network business reputation, if his real name, or sales will rise.

however, Mr. Wang told reporters that due to his shop sales advantage is low prices, on average, a commodity gross profit of only about 5%, and if the store rate, his shop will face a lot of pressure, and even the danger of closing. A business of cosmetics on Taobao, Miss Yu is directly told reporters that if she started to collect taxes, may want to consider closing the store, the monthly profit of less than 2000 yuan, if there is no tax, do the necessary".

large shop to be registered or to pay tax

from the provisions of the rules, a clear legal person, other economic organizations or individual industrial and commercial households, as well as natural person two types of network operators. At the same time, if the former has been in the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration and obtain a business license, shall be electronic link logo on its homepage or engage in business activities of "open to the public license prominently posted or its business license information. According to the reporter learned from the Nanjing Department of industry and commerce, registered and obtain a business license in the business sector, the shop will no longer need to apply for a business license, however, the tax department will according to the shop and the store’s business income tax merger approved standard.

"for natural persons, to meet the conditions of the industrial and commercial registration needs to be registered, but there is no clear tax on this part of the people." Nanjing tax

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