To edit CEO Zhang Rui do not burn

in 1996 with the rise of China’s IT industry tide, Zhang Rui and the creation of personal web site together with the establishment of today’s online Technology Co., Ltd. bear. With the start empty-handed to describe Zhang Rui founded bear online scene when appropriate, friends took him a few years ago when the venture called "whiter than white", Zhang Rui to almost zero cost to start a website, and continues today.

The more than and 10 year history of

in the business website, Zhang Rui has experienced IT industry bubble, the bubble burst, the Internet in this circle, do not burn seems to be not normal, and Zhang Rui is an exception. In the Internet industry, from the bubble through the site, do not do the majority of the abuse, and Zhang Rui from the very beginning of the bear online site positioning in doing special fine, which is an exception in the industry.

from editing to CEO

before the sea, Zhang Rui is an editor of "computer world". In 1997, Zhang Rui in science and engineering graduate student identity is IT famous media "computer world" exceptional hired as editor. At that time, it is the golden age of the computer world, the impact of the Internet circles no one can, and Zhang Rui is responsible for this piece of the Zhongguancun market, fighting every day in the forward position".

"at that time, our work pressure, to do twenty tablets a week, light is soliciting have four million words, referring to see the dizzy."

because it is a weekly, timeliness is relatively weak, Zhang Rui put some content on the Internet in advance. At that time domain and space are given, and the condition of the Internet and newspaper is good, Zhang Rui began to carefully cultivate this plot, this is the predecessor of the bear online.

in the summer of 1998, visited bear online has reached more than 2 thousand passengers a day, in the top ten rankings in the NetEase website. In a number of fixed join readers, a website developed every day, update the content gradually from every day hundreds of thousands of words every word to increase access for the first time, more than ten thousand passengers per day. By 1999, the website outlook becomes clearer, Zhang left the newspaper, founded the network science and technology limited company, is to bear made online.

cultivate campus economy

bear online soon attracted many IT professionals in the eye, because the website interactive, many professionals are willing to put it directly to the site, after a period of development, more prosperous popular websites, Zhang Rui simply quit the job, to devote to the site, which also officially began to bear online the operation of the market. From the earliest personal web site to the company was founded in May 2000, bear online in the control of Zhang Rui has the first leap. Since then, Zhang Rui quickly found the right path, the company’s business is gradually on the right track, but also to get to know some of the business has yet to IT business.

2000 in October, bear online in Zhang

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