Gender discrimination in the history of the nternet Black History deep rooted injustice abroad is s

Abstract: residual society still exists "patriarchal" bad traditional. But because the Internet industry is actually a microcosm of society, to solve this problem, in addition to a more participation of each individual needs.

why are you talking about this topic today? It’s all because of the old picture.


started I was actually not to regard it as right, think this is nothing more than some people took the opportunity to make trouble, or borrow someone in the "419" in the hype gimmick. With the in-depth understanding of small, found in actual situation some shocking. In carrying forward the spirit of equality and openness of the Internet, the idea of this kind of feudal remnants of sexism is never far away from us.

entrenched injustice

first, let’s talk about the picture. 2012 of September, when the group is still in the field of white hot battle of the thousand regiments. Desperate for talent and beauty group does not want to miss the golden nine silver ten school recruit season, but the strength is not strong and they were unable to those giants par. Under this background, "clever to win" has become the choice for the United States mission.

then, this is now once again sparked controversy of "alternative" is meritorious employees eager and made out of ideas. Feel a little bit small, the right people will visit the fire plan to shoot down, because one would feel insulting to women. But somehow, this should be strangled in the cradle of indecent planning has become one of the candidate program, and even has been hanging in the company to preheat.


but I did not expect, there are employees in the casual to the sun on the micro-blog, immediately triggered a great controversy, which has the year of the war of words. Aspects of the U.S. group was to take two measures, while the replacement of a new version of the publicity case, on the other hand the rumor means that the existing version of the indecent.

if the United States would learn, promote righteousness, strictly, I am afraid that many things will collapse of itself, also won’t have today’s storm. This can be more than two years, but they have a get out of hand, even some of them go, similar to "Godfather" and "7 Nights" filled with hints of women and the lack of respect of advertising in the next time appeared frequently.

in the June 2013, the pregnant woman door, the United States and the United States as a workplace gender discrimination negative textbooks. The party was opened at the time was very good to play their own women and pregnant this selling point, so that public opinion directed against the former club. Can think carefully, small things may not be so simple: the lady in the evaluation of the performance are not pregnant, while she was pregnant during the quarter had higher performance ratio, so by lowering the performance to force her resignation statement she claims not to expel pregnant women is illegal; "

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