E commerce into the hottest areas of the nternet 56 venture capital investment last year



Qing Branch 2011 China’s most investment value of the electricity supplier companies ranked

has been in the Internet industry recently in the teeth of the storm Chinese constantly staged legend. April Fool’s day, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong broke the news on micro-blog, Jingdong mall in the C round of financing activities received a total of $1 billion 500 million of funds, of which $1 billion 100 million into the account, $400 million subsequent account. Subsequently, the Nandu news reporter on the news to Jingdong mall confirmation, Jingdong mall said the news is true.

A corner of this round of investment Jingdong

mall was received as venture capital institutions in the field of electronic commerce to launch a new round of "burning" contest of the iceberg, since last year a number of Internet companies have listed overseas. Data from the Qing Branch group shows that in 2010 China’s e-commerce B2C market investment tipping point, has been disclosed in e-commerce B2C market investment cases up to 56.

electricity supplier into the most active areas of the Internet

$1 billion 500 million financing amount is true, after the funds are in place, we will be mainly used in logistics and information technology and other infrastructure, so that we can give full play to the scale effect." April Fool’s day, Jingdong mall stakeholders told reporters in Nandu. Of course, it’s not a joke.

two days ago, the Qing Branch Group held during the first China Internet investment conference and e-commerce investment and financing forum in Hainan Sanya, financing Jingdong news about $1 billion in venture capital mall has been open circle, but the amount of the final confirmation of the single financing amount than previous data for more than 500 million dollars.

The amount of financing behind

can be explained at least two problems: one is the electronic commerce company operation and development needs a lot of funds.

in the past two years we have been profitable, and later found that the logistics costs of this market is high, we accounted for 50% of the cost of profits this year, we may spend more than 10 million a year." Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said on the Sanya forum.

"this will cause us to have some losses, but in the next three years, we have a large logistics investment is over, I believe we must have a good financial analysis." It further said that the ability to attract such a large investment shows that they have passed the crisis.

second, e-commerce industry for venture capital institutions have a strong appeal. Data from the Qing Research Center show that in 2010 China’s Internet market has been disclosed in the investment case for 137. From the point of view of investment in the field of subdivision, especially in the e-commerce market is the most active investment in 2010 can be described as the tipping point of China’s e-commerce B2C market investment.

data show that the B2C e-commerce market has been disclosed in the investment case for 56 cases, >

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