The car is easy to Hang Zhou smart for users to think is a astray walked for 2 years

lead: artificial intelligence, in the end is to let people become smarter? Or let the machine get smarter? Easy to have in intelligent evil gone for 2 years. What we want to do now is to give more options to users in the decision-making process.

I entered the field of the Internet, in fact, is to stand on the layman’s point of view and practice of this industry, for me this is very influential, I can not even doubt. But because I was born with a critical and skeptical nature, it didn’t take long for me to begin to suspect that all of your ideas and practices were right.

reflection "user needs as the center"

what is the user needs? Is the needs of all users should be met? Meet all users desire and pursuit, everything should be what we want to do? I fell into a deep suspicion.

I see some of these practices: spike, sweepstakes, VIP, user level, free trial, a single key, a number of medals, badges, intelligent recommendation…… It seems that we feel that these practices are correct, there is no doubt that.


micro-blog recommended that may be of interest to you, are friends of friends, I should be interested? What do we think the development of interpersonal relationship, social relationship is in accordance with the machine that logic? And recommended intelligence of the world respected, people buy or purchase records preference equal to my needs? Can you tell me this is a trend or a phenomenon, but what makes this phenomenon as recommended by my


I can’t help but torture myself. We talk about artificial intelligence, in the end is to make people smarter or to make the machine to become smarter?.

some time ago I watched a movie called "Her", the actor fell madly in love with the girl behind the machine, he has to her the real emotional dependence, immersed in true love, but later he knew this girl and 640 people in the machine. It really is that we work hard every day, play ability and cleverness want to create the future? In my heart a very strong voice say "No", the future should not be the case, then, then, the intelligent machine developed algorithm is strong, we should create the future should not be so.


easy to have in the intelligent evil gone 2 years

is easy to have intelligence in 2 years go astray.


founded the company in 2011, we were ambitious to do one thing – to make the algorithm very cattle. When each user to send a car is the most suitable for his car, regardless of location, distance or service or driving economy, we have been entangled in this issue for two years. >

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