Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to Google foreign nternet Co to abide by Chinese laws and re

June 29, 2010, foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang held a regular press conference.


in response to Google statement will stop the Chinese domain name to the Hongkong server related issues, Qin Gang said, I did not see the latest statement published by the Google Corporation you mentioned.

Qin Gang stressed that the Chinese government encourages the development of the Internet, while managing the Internet according to law. The foreign Internet Co operating in China shall abide by the laws and regulations of China, and the relevant departments of the Chinese government will deal with the relevant issues in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of china. is still normal access to ICP license approval no results

Google China ICP license will expire will not operate

Google to stop the Chinese domain name automatically transferred to the new program has not yet been discussed in Hongkong

Google China or outage agents said at least 10% revenue

Google map

Internet e-commerce development index qualification taboo

fail in an examination

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