Ten things to be afraid of

, Baidu is afraid of sealing, flow out, this year, Baidu, Baidu will not die, for the general entertainment site, can be Baidu to get a good ranking, can be Hao123 included will jiquanshengtian. Once the Baidu is blocked, the website also completely dead.

two, the fear of being GOOGLE  K off, no income, no other league now, are odd jobs. Only Google hold up half of the sky, although countless times Google K off, but also countless times with relatives and friends, the identity of grandparents continue to tie up.

three, afraid of site was linked to horse, no ass up hard, piled up with flesh and blood flow, corrosion is easily pests. Prefer to hang horse yourself and don’t be mad on our website, these hackers get rogue, really want to kill them desperately, hate the most is now no department can manage these rogue shrimp.

four, afraid of server problems, can not be accessed, anxious to see the room went directly to the server, with the same period, every month, and even every day, I don’t know if we do stand hard, get a few brains flow. Not easy. In our own day to refresh, a moment can not open the site, the mood at that time, than the cat is unbearable.

five, fear the alliance default, credit union is less and less, the TNND alliance, when people do, a pair of upright gentlemen, vowed to the credibility and integrity Guazaizuibian, email account, when deducting money, that day should be free.

six, the fear of being asked about the occupation, the past few years, the network is too many textbooks, newspapers and television all day is a network of crime, pornography, saying that we are webmaster, a lot of people are looking for us to buy a train ticket. Think of the train station. There are many uncle aunt mentioned we are doing a website, said those porn sites, pornography is all we do, then we will be good. Oh. Who will give us a name. I have graduated from University, I also had a lot of prize.the the tuition, even a chef’s birthright as.

seven, afraid to think about the future, several garbage station, today does not know that tomorrow’s personal way, most of the people living in the small circle, small collection action, do not know how long can adhere to the network, the future, the future of life, often makes us confused. No one to guide us. No one reminds us. We are a group of young people walking on the edge of the network.

eight, the fear of the webmaster network, not afraid of QQ, spiritual emptiness ah, every day Admin5  concern about Im286. I really think that if one day there is no Admin5, no Im286, where is our soul home. Where is the direction of our lives, only here, in order to find their own people, to find a spiritual home.

nine, afraid to leave the Internet, think about it, it will do a few dumpster, leaving the Internet more afraid

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