MSN Chinese network will stop service in June 7th but the team is still looking at other opportunit

in the news every day, red net, scandal or explosion models emerge in an endless stream era, some people or things can only exist in their own death or drained to brush the sense.

such as MSN Chinese network.

April 29th, MSN Chinese network issued an official notice:


in several major portals for advertisers and flow of the times, had "white-collar crowd first portal" itself, from advertisers to earn a lot of revenue.

now, its introduction in Baidu encyclopedia or so to introduce its own:

Microsoft MSN through the sincere cooperation with many Chinese partners to create a new portal model. As the only white-collar portal, MSN Chinese network since its inception has been concerned about white-collar ecology, white-collar service life, adhere to cooperation with partners, information and services simultaneously development strategy. MSN Chinese network has more than 30 channels of cooperation, the monthly number of independent visits more than 30 million monthly visits over 4 billion. MSN Chinese web content is constantly enriched, covering many white-collar workers are concerned about life, fashion and entertainment information and services.

looks very tall on the first sentence: it is "sincere cooperation", and "new portal mode" — indeed, outsourcing is MSN channel in addition to advertising revenue is a major source of income, but the other side of the coin is precisely weakness in content.

a few years ago, Archduke technology in the relevant reports have written:

since its establishment in 2005, MSN Chinese network has been taking channel outsourcing model. Partner was originally 9, currently has more than 30.


network is channel of outsourcing. Last week, Beijing said network general manager Xu Jian told reporters in a telephone interview, Beiqing net and MSN has been working for 7 years, when up to 8 channels of cooperation, there are 6 channels, including entertainment, technology, sports, life etc..

MSN, a Chinese executive said that the reason why the original outsourcing, is the hope that professional people do professional thing, to avoid the risk of content editing. In addition, MSN has just entered the China single, single handedly to quickly build a mature website is not realistic.

once worked as an editor in the MSN channel contractor, said the channel outsourcing approach seems to allow MSN access to a stable channel revenue, but in the long run, is not conducive to the brand building MSN.

MSN Chinese online line in 2005, and ten years ago, it was first as an information portal in the United States on the line in 1995, and gradually developed into a variety of languages in the global operation. After four years of operation of the portal, back to chat software MSN (MSN M>

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