n addition to human flesh almost no use of Renren now the real name system also gave up

everyone to be closed, but I still want to donate money to maintain the basic operation of the server they donate money to them, not because they are memorable, but everyone as a human flesh search station, really good use.

– watercress. Enjolras

Although there are very few people around

in the use of this site, but for my peers, the vast majority of it is "love". Whether it is to see the black history of their own, or peek into others before life, even as two days before the people that want to examine the suspect Li Sida’s strange journey, renren.com is your essential medicine.

had to say that all this is due to the real name system. Renren.com no nickname, at the time of registration, the user needs to fill in their name, school, professional, grade, class, the information we get some convenient with promotion, with professional school friends, but also fully exposed his identity.

Renren users to modify the name of this matter is also very demanding, only once a year to modify, and the need to review the compliance with the naming rules, the application will not be rejected for the renamed.

is such a "real name system SNS social network Chinese leading itself renren.com, has abandoned his real name. It changes the name of experience is: 1 to cancel the time limit, the cancellation of the audit, that the change is effective; 2 the name of the longest limit is 16 Chinese or 32 characters, can write a poem; 3 does not exclude repeat; 4: No.

renren.com "remaining residents have rushed to change the name of joy, to feel" free to air ", and said:

intends to change all together to "Chen Yizhou" and retain three days to support the table.

In fact, the

administrator in the dark upon you, waiting for you to play hey spirit most relax into the name change when the shame…

and Chen Yizhou:

posing with an air of importance

all network administrator please note that the name of the head changed into my account will be closed for 10 days!!!!

induced renren.com users apology: renren.com some executives in the function test is not completed, without renren.com management decisions through the case, secretly authorized the programmer to modify the basic function of renren.com, resulting in a large number of users complain, disturb the normal life of the normal order of network renren.com and users of renren.com. On behalf of everyone, I would like to apologize to you. And commitment: 1 to restore the normal order of the future; the person in charge of the Department of the strict liability of the 2; the introduction of the function of the notes of the 3; after the completion of the test of the 4 part of the user trial; after the completion of the 5 functional test. Thank you for all the support of the network, once again apologize to everyone. Chen Yizhou August 13, 2015 02.

but these two efforts >

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