Moving into the most valuable Chinese brand digital domain name era

1 billion 300 million of the population in China has created a huge consumer market, according to the world’s largest advertising group WPP released "the most valuable brand China 100" Research Report shows that in 2014 the total value of China’s top 100 most valuable brands up to $379 billion 800 million, of which China Mobile’s brand value of $61 billion 400 million, is the most the value of domestic brands. The official website of the mobile domain is the use of, which also led to the next spring digital domain.


China Mobile

has 750 million users of China Mobile, is the world’s largest wireless service provider, mobile website domain name, had 100 thousand yuan price auction, but the final unsold end until 2009, Zhejiang mobile from investors to buy the domain name, on turnover of about 40 thousand yuan, the China Mobile official website. 5 digital domain is easier to remember than the original use of the, easy access to the user when the direct input.

In addition to China Mobile

(, ICBC (, Tencent (, Baidu (, the Agricultural Bank of Chinese (, Chinese Bank (, Chinese oil (, Sinopec (, China Life (, Chinese Ping (, also ranked China brand 100 top ten ranks.

top ten Brand Company official domain name, 1 digital domain, 2 Pinyin domain name, the rest are English phrase letter domain, in contrast,,,, domain name slightly prevail. From the user perspective, a good domain name is one can make people remember, on the other hand, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the good domain can directly improve the number of website user groups, so enterprises should seriously consider carefully when choosing a domain name, must not be too casual.

WPP advertising group also released China’s most trusted brands in the top ten, including Baidu (, China Air China (, Ctrip (, China CITS (, Su Ning (, Yili (, Ping An (, Chinese oil (, Sinopec (, Zhang Yu (under the flag of wine pioneer electronic commerce website etc..


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