Express industry with a tape can be around the equator 425 laps scrap tape carton go from here

express packaging three most

recovery difficult

express packaging carton recycling utilization rate is not high, most people are thrown away, courier companies can only be recycled two cartons of

heavy pollution

a large number of plastic bags, tape, foam filler recovery rate is lower, these things may be sent to the garbage treatment plant incineration or landfill, soil air pollution caused by

is not up to

in order to reduce the cost, many small manufacturers recycling materials production courier packaging, which may contain toxic organic compounds, heavy metals, pathogens and exceed the standard

2016, the country will produce 30 billion courier parcels, by 2018, this figure will become 50 billion.

crazy online shopping behind, is a huge courier packaging pollution". According to the State Post Bureau issued the "Chinese express field of green packaging development status and trends report" shows that in 2015 the national express industry consumes about 9 billion 922 million boxes, tape length of use, 425 laps around the earth equator. The express industry every year, the use of non degradable plastic bags, tape, emissions of carbon dioxide, up to 20 million to 30 million tons.

express packaging should be how to effectively recycling, has become a very influential social problems. For courier packaging recycling, the courier companies have carried out a lot of exploration, but is still "Spilled water cannot be gathered up".

courier industry experts believe that the courier packaging recycling, should be included in the urban garbage recycling system, the government should assume the main responsibility for recycling. Not only that, according to the garbage recycling, should formulate relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible.



9 into the courier packaging was thrown away by the user

December 23rd, the reporter saw at the entrance of a business in Chengdu, at least 5 courier companies in front of the open space on the distribution. A lot of people get the courier package, while tearing tear packaging, and so went to the office building elevator, the garbage will be thrown into the trash at the elevator, only with the purchase of goods upstairs.

"no tear tape point, plastic bags are very dirty, do not hurry away, do we need to keep?" just got a FedEx employee Zhang said, as long as the small parcel, he was ripped away before going upstairs packing.

another employee Mike said that if the packaging carton clean and complete, usually used to hold things, but the plastic packaging, filling and transparent tape, directly thrown into the trash, "if at home, parents will save the waste carton sold, but our generation did this habit. Certainly throw."

these two respondents on the courier packaging processing, representing the majority of people’s behavior habits. Reporters through questionnaires and random interviews >

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