The divorce lawsuit for the Taobao brand to trial court legal gaps

in order to compete for the Taobao online shop right popular ownership opened, a divorced couple in court today. Beijing second intermediate people’s court hearing the divorce after the network virtual property dispute case. On the court, the two sides can transfer property for the shop, distributive law blank highlights the network each one sticks to his argument, virtual property.

stewardess purchasing popular shop

today the second instance court, Mr. Wang came to the court, and the woman Ms. Wu did not appear. Ms. Wu in 2007 with the registration of marriage, married children. Last November, Mr. Wang and Ms. Wu divorce because of emotional discord. In March this year, Mr. Wang went to court to sue Ms. Wu, asked to be opened after the marriage of Taobao shop flying mother and child supplies store to his name.

reporter learned that Ms. Wu is a foreign airline stewardess, because around friends often asked her to buy baby milk and other baby products abroad, Ms. Wu realized importing infant formula and baby products is very popular in China, in May 2008, Taobao in the online real name registration of the "flying baby products store".

because the shop to airline stewardess purchasing signs, and soon attracted a large number of buyers, the favorable rate and the credit degree is more and more high, soon won the two crown credit rating, Taobao became the famous online shops, its marketing model to directly through the customs from imported milk powder. 2010, Wu’s husband left the original unit, together with Wu’s mother shop. Last November, Mr. Wang and Ms. Wu divorce, this shop also entered the list of marital property division.

in March 12th this year, Mr. Wang to property disputes after divorce case to court, the divorce agreement, Taobao shop "flying" all man. In early March, after the divorce, Ms. Wu will Alipay password password, customer service, want to shop the password is modified, Mr. Wang completely lost control of the shop.

Mr. Wang said that since the divorce in March 6th this year, Ms. Wu from the Alipay account to cash more than 110 yuan. According to the agreement between the two sides of the divorce, Ms. Wu has taken more than about 900000 yuan. Mr. Wang sued for the return of 908694 yuan, modify the shop related information, and the real name of the shop to change mr..

man denies using domestic violence

for the prosecution of Mr. Wang, Ms. Wu said that in the first instance, she was signed in Mr. Wang repeatedly stress under the condition of the divorce agreement, but after the divorce, Mr. Wang is not in accordance with the divorce agreement to pay her housing compensation of 400 thousand yuan, the return of personal property before marriage is 100 thousand yuan, and the inventory segmentation models 400 thousand yuan, Ms. Wu also filed a counterclaim.

for domestic violence allegations in court today, Mr Wang denied: "people are doing day watching, I did not pose a threat to the signing of the agreement, signed the agreement and the day process is light, she is also drafting a protocol >

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