Early to do what is easier to accelerate the growth of users

"what to do early, more likely to accelerate the growth of users," which is actually an answer no matter to what extent the results may be full of uncertainty. This issue comes from the students in our school is called @ socket, and mom, as follows:

we are the education and training industry, just started to do, parents grow online training, the number of public Xu Xiao school team has 3 people, in addition to me, as well as an editor and an art editor. Our teachers are mainly from 985 well-known universities in china. The first day of the article, called "five Friday language, let you change the international fan parents", click on the amount is 895, point praise, sales of 2.

from this problem, we can get three key information: the first is the online training business projects, the direction is the parents grow; second, a team of 3 people, just sent the first article; third, the first article is a course that sales is not good.

first, the scarcity of

first of all I want to say a word, the essence of business in my understanding, is scarce, so if you have the market scarce enough, users will have to subscribe to your public number, or to buy your course. This is a very big concept, but I hope that we can remember the word throughout the learning process, scarcity.

we have to ask ourselves: your company, your team, your investment, your money, everything is not put on the scarcity of manufacturing?

if not, then we may not have a good development of the project, the scarcity of a little premise – in a new way, better meet the needs of existing users. Because of the basic needs of users over the years, in fact, not much change.

for several typical examples.

first example, drops taxi. It is the fundamental solution to the taxi or demand, but he does not have to stand on the side of a taxi, another user demand is, it can be more than a taxi, he can hit the car.

second examples, the United States take away. It is still a problem to eat, but you may want to go to the original restaurant, it can make the hotel meals to the home now, it is still eating meet the demand, but the changed form.

in front of the problem there is a key message is that the students do the project is the parents grow such training, so please think about a problem and I, when we first heard about the 4 words, can form a cognitive fast cannot, I immediately know what she was. If not (or that we project inside people often need to explain what you do), that you need to adjust the positioning.

because it is possible, this is our own entrepreneurs as the inner feelings of things, including me

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