Baidu phoenix nest into suction gold weapon keyword price 2 5

April 30th news, Baidu officially switched "phoenix nest" has been nearly 5 months, a number of Baidu phoenix nest customers to reflect the science and technology Tencent, Baidu switch "nest", the general price increase of 20-50% keywords, enterprises to buy Baidu keyword in expenditure also soared.

advertisers: Baidu switch phoenix nest keyword prices rose

A number of Baidu advertising

from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places are the main technology to the Tencent said that since Baidu on December 1, 2009 officially switched the nest system, put the key words in Baidu on the cost of the rapid rise in price generally between 20-50%.

I used to buy a monthly Baidu keyword costs between 5000-6000 yuan, at present, such as to maintain the previous results, the cost of at least 7000 yuan or more." A small business owner in Zhejiang.

Internet marketing experts familiar with Baidu pointed out that Baidu’s switch to phoenix nest system, when advertisers keyword advertising, can not see their rival bid, increase the bid cost which.

and search engine marketing company, according to the test, Baidu switch to phoenix nest, keyword prices generally rise, some of the popular keywords is soaring 8 times.

Shen Haoyu, senior vice president of

, said Baidu Inc will not take the initiative to raise the price of keywords, the key word is the result of market competition or other industries in the market price changes in the market in.

and another vice president Shi Youcai Baidu’s view is more worth pondering, he said: "if you really understand the search marketing customers only need to pay a low price to be able to get a good position, but now many customers do not have to use their brains, just to raise the price, only time the price of the phenomenon."

phoenix nest pregnant golden egg: Baidu’s first quarter profit increased by

earnings report, Baidu’s first quarter total revenue of 1 billion 294 million yuan, an increase of 59.6% in the first quarter net profit of RMB 480 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 165.3%.


CEO Robin Li will be the first quarter earnings due to the beautiful phoenix nest system, "(Feng Chao) good performance even beyond our original expectations, provide various phoenix nest delivery management tool is widely welcomed by the customer, customers through the phoenix nest enjoy a better return on investment."

Robin Li in Baidu earnings conference call that the user switch to phoenix nest, driven by the Baidu ARPU value (the average revenue per user), will also significantly promote the growth of the second quarter of Baidu.

Shen Haoyu in view, apart from enhancing ARPU, phoenix nest will continue to ferment in the second quarter: "in addition to ARPU, should also consider the profit level, including flow rate, coverage rate, and the number of CPC per click (>

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