On the small and medium enterprises face several major problems in network marketing

now, small and medium enterprises to carry out network marketing services, need to face the following problems:

1, website construction: now is still a lot of specialized site service company, indicating that there is still a market, after all, companies continue to add, and there are many companies do not have the site. But the site is basically some of the scale of the enterprise has, after all, to be printed on the card. But the vast majority of the site is rotten, several big famous so-called "big company website" (here is not directly named) are all liars, money is actually just scary, wrote a few static pages with a message, or directly using CMS or Ecshop as a template. However, these companies or television Focus Media rash and too much in haste, ah ah hanging around advertising, let people see the sick, if the station, the business owners do not choose large companies, looking for cost-effective, reliable service and more advanced small companies or individuals can be, I’ve had some enterprise management site is looking for fees and other small companies more transparent or skilled friends to do, cheap and are generally tested for payment.

2, network marketing: network marketing coverage of a large range, the main achievement of the two objectives: to expand business, brand promotion. Search engine marketing companies have done quite a lot now, there are a lot of companies invited professionals and optimize the company to do rankings, basically do rankings do not consider long-term. In other words, after all, so that the results can be seen quickly and directly, there are a lot of people can not stand the harassment of Baidu’s sales staff to buy a competitive ranking, or listen to the effect of a friend Google AD open account…… My proposal is that the promotion of these forms a good combination of ways, this part of the user has an accurate desire to buy, but also a unique conversion rate.

and the purpose of the combination of their own system, for a variety of marketing channels, with a precise analysis of the results, thus combining the formation of the most efficient network marketing system. Cite a case in 2008 to find us to do the pump company to share. When the boss is just to do some optimization hot words related to the pump, but then we provide a set of network marketing plan (mainly the keywords ranking, website optimization, accurate advertising and brand marketing), we discuss with the boss and let the old in a step by step feel convinced, and later perfect planning, implementation of the plan practice batch down, customer flow suddenly increased by twenty times the original, the network orders effective conversion to almost equivalent to the sum of 2 times more than a dozen sales efficiency, input and output of Bizet is nearly 1:10.

Of course,

network marketing and DM email, forum marketing, blog marketing, application is very extensive, the Alibaba BPS, there are a lot of specially developed SPAM procedures exist, there are many ways are derived, each have a certain conversion rate.

3, B2B site: Taobao (B2C) is a big treasure, a lot of people will soon be higher than the income of the shop

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