Biography public comment will be 800 million financing valuation of 4 billion

NetEase technology news February 18th, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the public comment network is currently being discussed with many investors, including Tencent, including financing. According to informed sources, the current round of public comment financing is expected to receive about $800 million of investment, which will lead to an increase in valuation of $4 billion.

according to sources, in addition to the already held a minority stake in the Tencent, the other is still in the discussion of potential investors including Singapore sovereign fund Temasek, private Holdings Company, the source of capital and Dalian Wanda group. is similar to the American review site Yelp, is expected to complete the financing by the end of February. Said the parties have not yet reached a final agreement, so the financing is still variable.

is currently the global investors are in the scale of investment in China online service start-ups billions of dollars, they think China with over 600 million Internet users and more than 500 million of the smart mobile phone users, the rapid development of these startups will.

public comment the latest financing belongs to Tencent, and China the three largest Internet company, online games and social networking, e-commerce company, Alibaba and Baidu search service providers – for customers as part of the war. These three giants have invested a large number of online and mobile services in the field of start-ups, hoping to attract more users.

public comment network rival U.S. group online month, said the company received a $700 million investment in a new round of financing, the company valued at $7 billion. Alibaba has participated in the investment in the United States Mission Network 2011 50 million U.S. dollars of financing.

February 2014, Tencent said it received a 20% stake in the public comment network, since then the service of the public comment is integrated into WeChat. Public comment is similar to Yelp and Groupon mix, this site is the main marketing platform for Chinese restaurants and other local businesses.

, according to the company, said the number of active users in the fourth quarter of last year, the number of active users exceeded the number of comments on restaurants and other local businesses more than 60 million. At present, the public comment service covers about 12000000 local businesses in China’s more than 2 thousand and 300 cities. (Emily)

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