The police busted a pornographic web video show attract millions of


MMV8 website is full of a lot of pornographic content

Internet users report – pornographic sites surfaced

August 14th, reporters in the city detention center to see the "MMV8" website founder Wang Chongqing, he and 5 other officers were involved in city police criminal detention on suspicion of dissemination of information crime.

according to Wang confessed, "MMV8" to the site through the recruitment of female anchor "pornographic performances in chat rooms, in order to attract netizens, Internet users registered as a member of the website money temptation and buy virtual gifts and private chat"". After entering private chat, female anchor

will try to lure users giving them expensive "virtual gifts", virtual gift "is more precious, enjoy membership in the video and pornographic picture pornographic performances is exposed". The site from October 2008 to July 2009, a total of about 3300000 registered members, illegal profit of several million dollars, the promotion of the Union website of up to 3158.

it is understood that the reason why the site was exposed to pornographic police line of sight, due to a network report.

in May 8th this year, users log on to the City Public Security Bureau police detachment net set alarm site, called into a named "MMV8" video chat site, which has seen scantily clad women openly pornographic performances.

after receiving the report, the police immediately opened the investigation of Kaifeng, and this information will be reported to the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Ministry of public security. Ministry of public security under the jurisdiction of Kaifeng City Public Security bureau. Police subsequently found in the investigation, MMV8 website through video chat to disseminate pornographic information, and the sale of virtual currency, the way members charge to see the cost of profit. Site of the female anchor (that is, MM) up to more than and 30 people. In the early investigation, a man in Chongqing Wang into the police line of sight, evidence that this person is the founder of the site

police undercover – to find out the Yellow transaction evidence

in order to obtain more sufficient evidence, the Provincial Public Security Bureau internet police arrange some provincial city Public Security Bureau dispatched working group composed of veteran soldiers and able captains. The police investigation registered as a "MMV8" member of the website, the website to enter the chat room undercover investigation.

, like most websites, will need to sign up for an account and password. In the website home page, there will be a text prompt, requiring members to cash through the "Alipay" or Mobile Recharge Card buy their website "V currency" (a virtual currency), and to MM in the network chat.

in accordance with the procedures specified by the other party to pay the relevant costs, Kaifeng City Public Security Bureau police detachment police Sun Kai with love space beer user name for the successful application of membership. With the account, love space beer is very easy to

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