Express reporter Chen Yongzhou First nstance sentenced to 1 years and 10 months

Changsha on 17 October, (reporter Liu Liangheng, Chen Wenguang) 17 morning, Hunan province Changsha Yuelu District City People’s Court on the defendant Chen Yongzhou damage to business reputation and non state staff taking bribes, Zhuo Zhiqiang damage to business reputation of a case verdict, found the defendant Chen Yongzhou committed the crime of damage to business reputation, sentenced four months to one year imprisonment, fined twenty thousand yuan; guilty of non national staff of bribery, sentenced to imprisonment for eight months, decided to implement a year in prison for ten months, and fined twenty thousand yuan. Pursue the defendant Chen Yongzhou crime income thirty thousand yuan, turned over to the state treasury. Zhuo Zhiqiang was found guilty of the crime of damaging commercial reputation and sentenced to ten months imprisonment and fined RMB ten thousand yuan.


trial court found that: September 2012 to May 2013, the defendant Chen Yongzhou for the Guangdong Express newspaper issued the "new Express" signed "ZOOMLION published the first half profit financial skills" impracticalgrowth "more than 700 million" "the establishment of a subsidiary that was not a full moon" discount "sale ZOOMLION alleged transfer of benefits" "a year spent 513 million yuan advertising ZOOMLION marketing fever" deformity "ZOOMLION suffered another report financial fraud confirmed the reporter unannounced visits to central region suspected of false sales" and many other articles, false reports, the "ZOOMLION suffered another report financial fraud confirmed the reporter unannounced visits to central region, alleged false sales" by the defendant, Chen Yongzhou Zhuo Zhiqiang Co authored. The above false reports by the new express published by a number of websites reproduced, resulting in a significant impact, damage the business reputation of the enterprise. In addition, during the Guangdong Express newspaper reporter Chen Yongzhou in the economic center of the defendant, taking advantage of his position, damage to business reputation, others received thirty thousand yuan in May 28, 2013.

court of first instance held that the defendant Chen Yongzhou, Zhuo Zhiqiang fabricated and spread false facts, damage the business reputation of others, the circumstances are serious, their behavior has constituted a crime of commercial credit. The defendant Chen Yongzhou as the Guangdong Express newspaper reporter, taking advantage of his position and illegally accepting other people’s property, to seek benefits for others, the larger amount, his behavior constituted the crime of bribery of non national staff. The court of first instance, taking into account the status and role of the two defendants in the case, the attitude of pleading guilty and other circumstances of sentencing.

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