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The fourth stage

]BAT [Abstract these years, a lot of companies stand up and down, is always your Changba me play.



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seed when the market value of Jingdong from $50 billion in 2015 fell below $30 billion today, another muffled Fortune company, NetEase, the market value from 2014 10 billion, 2015 20 billion, a way to counter attack hit $30 billion when, who is the next big problems, and become sexy.

Fourth stage

BAT, these years, a lot of companies stand up and down, you Changba me play. 2013 is the most fashionable three giant Jingdong, millet, 360. 2015 is the four little giant four merger: where drops travel and Beauty Group reviews, 58, Ctrip to market.

in the four little giant brother believes that the merger in 2015 a short time, especially large drops and the business model, also build, not included in the discussion. In 2013, three giant, king of NetEase and takes stock of the moment, until today, to set up the time for more than 5 years, it is time to look at what they did in the past 3 years, and by BAT.

products in the market value of billions of dollars in the market value of the company at the platform level, the level of tens of billions of dollars, and the market value of Ecos Corporation in the billion level, the gap between the three is not only between digital monopoly and non monopoly distance is so far away. After all, there is nothing new under the sun, "investment is buying monopoly". So, Peter Till will say, the highest form of enterprise competition is two words: monopoly.

from the NetEase three giant story, at least we can learn is that in Chinese, want to become a market value of billions of dollars, a monopoly, the Ecos Corporation requires several steps summon wind and call for rain,


NetEase: no monopoly, the market value has reached

Before the suspension of

in 2001, the NetEase’s lowest price to reach $0.13, and today’s stock price is $201, up 1550 times, compared to what the Tencent Ali Baidu, but is fleeting.

in 2013 to 2015, the market value of Qihoo 360 from the peak of dropping $15 billion to 60~80 million range, nearly half the market value of NetEase; and from $10 billion to $20 billion range. With a view to use low-cost and free in exchange for the 360 mode of market size is out, and the NetEase’s counter attack, is the so-called artisan spirit and always adhere to the product reputation results.

first look at the advantages of NetEase has a wealth of product lines and user scenarios, so it has the ability to distribute the game and electricity providers.

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