Music sharing site Soundcloud users reached 180 million

Beijing time December 05 news, according to foreign media reports, the music sharing website Soundcloud co-founder Alex · Lu Zhan g (Alex Ljung) said that the site each month has about 180 million users, these users upload music per minute up to 10 hours.

Lujek is in Paris, France to participate in the Le Web conference announced the news. Lujek believes that the popularity of Soundcloud, mainly because the site is an important channel for independent artists upload and share songs, many music lovers will find some of the less well-known artists and songs through the platform.

by the end of 2008, SoundCloud was founded in Berlin, Germany, currently has about 160 employees. Users can share music, earnings conference call recording via SoundCloud site, or even a variety of analog meow meow. Although the Soundcloud site only allows users to upload their own original audio and music files, but still can not avoid the user upload some copyrighted songs.

Lujek in the creation of SoundCloud has declared: "on the network, the voice will be more popular than the video." Up to now, Soundcloud website raised a total of $63 million 300 thousand in financing through financing, investors include Doughty Hanson, Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and GGV Capital, etc..

Lujek at the Le Web conference also said that the new version of the site Next Soundcloud has been officially launched, the new site added to share, search and follow function.

SoundCloud has been called the biggest music startups you’ve never heard of by VentureBeat." Currently, SoundCloud monthly through the network, mobile devices and partners can reach 180 million users, accounting for about 8% of the total number of online users, the White House has recently become a user of the site. The White House often through the SoundCloud website released the U.S. President Barack · (Barack Obama) important speech and other content.

has been the music lovers in Berlin hope sound can have a greater role in the field of social networking applications, Flipboard magazine recently announced, will use the SoundCloud website to enrich the audio content. Lujek said that compared to the video content, audio production is more simple, but also easy for users to listen, so the sound may be more promising than the video. For example, he said, "my cousin sent me a voice of his newborn son."

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