A Nanjing website deputy editor of Vanke bankruptcy rumors detained

latest news from Shenzhen, Vanke is about to declare bankruptcy, liabilities of 11 billion yuan, more than the bank was seized property. Vanke has been asking around the price." Recently, on the Internet to spread a "Vanke is about to declare bankruptcy, many property has been seized bank posts", added to the real estate market downturn of the mysterious atmosphere. Post reporter yesterday from the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that the post content Department rumors, allegedly acting post man Sohn has been Nanjing police criminal detention.

according to the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau who introduced them after receiving the report, quickly carry out the investigation, on the evening of November 3rd seized rumourmongers Sohn, the identity of editorial department deputy editor of a website for NanJing Railway Station. Sohn said that its post is only to increase the amount of forum clicks, enhance the popularity of the site. Police said Sohn’s alleged acts of damage to business reputation, reputation crimes. Currently, Sohn has been under criminal detention by the public security organs according to law.

in the context of the property market downturn, Vanke’s experience is not isolated cases. Morning Post reporter survey found that the recent exposure of a real estate online enterprise bankruptcy rumors have been common. This year, 10 months late, Nanjing, a well-known real estate website (365 of the real estate network is Home Furnishing) posts filed for bankruptcy rumors, "the Milky Way bay located north of the city of Nanjing Zhuo yuan project". A few days later, the project belongs to the Nanjing Huaguang Real Estate Company denied, and gave the site to the "letter of explanation", "post website" the content seriously inconsistent with the facts, pure fabrication, ask the site quickly delete related posts. Daily economic news reporter noted that there are still a number of other online forums pass the contents of similar posts.

frequently heard housing prices bankruptcy rumors, not only let the capital chain tension developers jittery, also exacerbated the buyers wait-and-see atmosphere, this is also reflected from the side of the housing prices have entered an eventful year". 10 in late April, the Nanjing City Intermediate People’s court organized the Nanjing local real estate developers, banks, real estate agency representatives of the more than and 10, conduct special research, in advance to deal with possible litigation tide". Participating developers generally worried that the upcoming end of the year, not only the property market winter, but also may be involved in the outbreak of various types of housing related litigation.

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