Ali mother has always been a scam

Ali mother officially launched from August 12, 2007, Ma began his new scam.

if someone thinks it’s wrong, please read it again. The dog and the Alibaba Gunners don’t come.

Ali mother in the end can not make money? I did not do, but I have a lot of examples. Here we come to specific analysis:

Ali Mama advertisers all of which, one of the original Yahoo China customers now Tonggui group Alibaba. Two months after such turns commercial speculation by some customers. Three Ali mother said Taobao’s own and Alibaba customers.

YAHOO original customers (that is, Ali Union) the amount of this group of customers or the original, they are generally interested in YAHOO. Guest blog.

commercial speculation can deceive the advertisers? The advertiser is what people are monkey monkey group of people. Is it so easy to cheat? In the new advertising model, advertisers will not need some of the site automatically removed, they will not want to buy some small sites advertising. If at the beginning of the name of the mother of Ali is the slogan of the site, it is undoubtedly a contradiction. Like Google ad ADSense, as well as more advertising alliance. They often make the right choice to the webmaster, I want to put what ads on my site, I put what advertising, or Google advertising content, not only can show the charge fee, but also increase the content of the website. Ali mother completely let the life of the small site owners have been the end, but we still have Google, we have other advertising alliance. So, relying on a small site to help Ali mom bigger, and Ali mother has killed a small site.

Alibaba’s clients go to the website owner to advertise? Are you kidding?. Rare animals are rare animals. How to do advertising? The Alibaba is not the best advertising, but also we stand what? Some people buy Taobao? But Taobao customers in Taobao is also the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ what is Taobao? Did Ma Yun think Taobao is a failure, he up to CCTV and provincial television stations on advertising. Moreover, Taobao is playing the price war ~ ~ ~ ~, is Taobao users spend money to bring customers to others, they spend money on advertising, instead of making their prices up, not popular, not advertising

to others?

of the original advertisers, of course, want to go to Ali’s mother, they want to choose their own view of the value of advertising. The choice of power to advertisers, hey! Station compatriots, you silly! He threw himself under the water! Trampled oh

?In fact, these

are said to be some of the money to make money, Ma Yun, Ma Yun, who stood up to help the station, sold out the webmaster.

is the most hateful, Ali mother’s ad on the site no one to buy. Think about it, if people want to buy, and your website is not directly linked to the main

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