Biography Ali joint Hunan TV acquisition PPTV PPTV executives said it does not fly


technology news August 14th afternoon news, for today there are rumors that the Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV, a combined $400 million acquisition of PPTV news, PPTV executives said "not reliable", and the Alibaba will not comment.

after Sina technology had learned that the Alibaba and the PPTV negotiations nearing the end, may soon be announced immediately, but there are people close to the top of the PPTV said that the PPTV deal at least until the end of August will be clear.

today there are rumors that, because of the lack of funds and Alibaba Hunan satellite TV and PPTV has been in contact, so the final result is the joint acquisition of Alibaba and Hunan satellite tv.

but PPTV executives to sina science and technology said, do not fly".

the fact that Hunan satellite TV has been in the new media industry layout, had previously launched the golden eagle net and key mango TV Internet TV station, but did not have much market response, is indeed possible through mergers and acquisitions to strengthen this layout.

but for Hunan TV the most important problem is that it is not sensitive to the new media and the Internet field smell, after Hunan TV Alibaba have teamed up to launch joint venture companies do electricity supplier, but even with the tilt of resources, TV variety shows, is still mediocre.

at the same time, as a state-owned enterprise, and the joint acquisition of Alibaba, which is bound to face various problems, and in the future there is a very high degree of integration difficulties. Even if the Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV, deep friendship, but also have to consider this problem.

analysts said, after PPTV had contact with a number of traditional companies, including Suning, Renaissance international, etc., and Hunan TV may also exist communication, but the difficulty of reaching a larger deal.

PPTV CEO Tao Chuang said yesterday in an interview with Sina Technology, said the company is still in contact with a number of mergers and acquisitions, PPTV is more inclined to independent development.

Alibaba, PPTV official did not comment on the matter.

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