The first bitcoin fraud case solved victims of false loss

Yan Xiangjun

The first domestic

create a great sensation of bitcoin trading platform fraud case has been detected in Zhejiang Province, Dongyang City Public Security Bureau, three suspects were arrested.

The Political Department of the Dongyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Director Cai

told the "First Financial Daily reporters, before the procuratorate has officially issued the three suspects arrest three suspects, although the fact that part of the case admit, but the" fraud "is not recognized. The stolen goods problem many victims concerned, director Cai said, the public security department will try to recoup their losses for investors.

he also told reporters that some of the victims there may be false cheated amount, the case is still under investigation, can not reveal more details.

"there’s a principal at large, Dongyang police are going to hunt. In addition, the Dongyang police are still trying to restore the transaction data before the GBL site closed, it seems that the possibility of data recovery is very large, the data will be restored after the loss of the victim to verify the corresponding loss." Informed sources told reporters that the latest developments in the case.

in October 22nd, for example, like the price of bitcoin, Dongyang people in the online search bitcoin trading platform GBL, and through the third party payment platform in the trading platform for the sale of bitcoin. October 26th, Joe found that the staff of the network trading platform is not online, some of the normal trading procedures can not be implemented, then report to the Dongyang municipal public security bureau.

Dongyang City Public Security Bureau immediately after the investigation found that suffered far more than a loss of a person (this newspaper reported on November 14th, bitcoin trading network GBL roll 500 foot damage or over $20 million). Dongyang City Public Security Bureau reported the case, according to the instructions, dispatched elite police task force set up to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Task force police efforts to determine the identity of the GBL transaction platform management, and timely implementation of the chase.

November 12th, the suspect Liu was arrested in Guizhou, Tuyun task force police. The 29 year old Liu is the person in charge of the GBL website, and under the pseudonym of "Zhuang worrying" analysis of bitcoin market for users in the industry have a certain reputation. In November 14th, the suspect Kim in Anhui city of Hefei province arrested. Lujiang County, Hefei City, 24 year old Kim is in Anhui Province, for the production site, the maintenance, is also actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the website, Kim graduated from the computer professional, proficient in software programming, worked in a company in Shanghai. November 19th, the suspect Hwang was arrested in Shenzhen, which is mainly responsible for the financial work of the site on the GBL platform.

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