Poker org to sell 1 million hit the highest acquisition record Org domain

NetEase Francisco February 18th news according to foreign media reports, site on Sedo market, the company was immediately to $one million acquisition, breaking the highest ever record.Org.

after sold for $3 million and $510 soared out of everything, every day there are many potential sellers in the Sedo domain name auction market to try their luck. Hope to become famous, domain name in the history of a millionaire. Because.Org was originally to the organization, the legal person to use the domain name, so the potential of domain name trading is not as good as.Com, but with the increase in the number of people using.Org, now slowly break the limitations.

so, can break the record of 198 thousand dollars in the past by to maintain, but not valuable, but also can be said to be the domain of economic activity is warm for 2010 more the prelude.

according to data show that the number of.Org domain names registered in the first half of 2009 rose 11%. The number of registered.Org domain names has now reached 7 million, becoming the world’s top third domain name, second only to.Com and.Net.

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