Daily topic bitcoin world is crazy or hype

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 4th news, now the only way to describe the bitcoin useful crazy two words. Bitcoin in the end how much impact on the world and how it will change people’s lives and why so many people invest in bitcoin business?

November 27th, crazy currency bitcoin trading platform in Toronto, Canada, once again hit a record high in Mt.Gox, reaching $1020 (RMB 6252). And in China, this madness has come a week ago. In November 19th, bitcoin currency. According to the bitcoin bitcoin trading platform Chinese largest Chinese (BTCChina) data, the transaction price of 18 days for each bitcoin is 3226.01 yuan, 19 days, then quickly climbed to 6570.88 yuan, the highest price reached 6989 yuan, only one day has doubled, while the terms of the beginning of the currency to bitcoin, appreciation about 90 times a year, become fully deserve global appreciation of the fastest assets.

bitcoin can do what bitcoin can be used to redeem, can be converted into the currency of most countries. Users can use bitcoin to buy some virtual items, such as online games, clothes, hats, equipment, etc., as long as someone accepts, you can also use bitcoin to buy things in real life. And some sites have begun to accept the use of bitcoin. "It is now clear that more and more places to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, which is very favorable to its growth in the value of the currency. The Winklevoss brothers predicted two bitcoin currency will rise to $40 thousand, I think the possibility is very large. The value of the currency will increase the size of the total plate, so that the exchange rate tends to be stable, for more people to accept."

bitcoin money generated by mining, in the real world is coal miners and the boss, money can do a nouveau riche bitcoin world coal bosses, and small game player hard when the miners were. Many people buy a lot of professional mining machine to accelerate, mining, this call early earned, selling mining machine made, most of the small game player is not willing to buy the mining machine. Then, a strange idea, some people began to dig technology in VPS, mining in AWS, the use of cloud computing to mining, this is really a good idea.

There is no denying the fact that the main value of

is still only as an investment. The practical value is too weak, no legal status to make it face greater regulatory risk, lack of security of the platform security, but also make bitcoin investment is facing many uncertainties. "Runaway Prince Gong" admitted: "the risk of bitcoin is great, I think it has become the mainstream of the world about the probability of the means of payment is only 20%, far from success, there are many factors that may make it die. I do not suggest that the proportion of the general investment in the proportion of people bitcoin."

bitcoin although this field has recently poured into a lot of investment

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