Retweet com will sell the buyer or face prosecution for Twitter

NetEase technology news February 18th, according to foreign media reports, in August 2009, Mesiab labs launched the domain name. Although at that time the domain name caused a lot of people sought after, but since then, has been unable to shake the dominance of Tweetmeme as the king of cyberspace.

Tweetmeme is a Twitter instant messaging site, mainly to provide hot Twitter links and Twitter message forwarding. Now the Mesiab lab plans to auction the domain name.

users can clearly see the current tender price has soared to $twenty thousand on the Flippa page. And yesterday, the price was only $10. Its overnight increase is amazing. So far, there have been 27 bidders bidding.

statistics show that the domain name in the month of the visitors reached 12 million, page views up to 26 million. Since the domain name on the traffic is so much, why should the Mesiab laboratory to sell


is reported that, after the Twitter is trying to register the trademark retweet, but ultimately failed. Therefore, it is believed that this is part of the reason for the sale of the domain name. Mesiab labs also want to register the trademark name, the success of the registration is still unknown. Therefore, it is speculated that the Mesiab lab may already know that registration or failure, so I hope to be able to sell before the failure.

Mesiab Laboratory for the auction as follows:

when we first introduce the concept of is the influence of social media sites such as Twitter have on people how to filter and consumption information, we began to realize the importance of this new change. Therefore, we develop and develop and its network to better interpret the concept. At present, some of the major news media and blogs have become increasingly dominant, which is an exciting breakthrough. We are also very pleased to see the social world "pulse" of the various changes. But in addition to novelty, more importantly, we are in a surprising way to show how to provide massive information resources, and to answer the question of what is most important."

has a large number of participants in this space, and we are honored to be able to be in it.

since we have grown and expanded the Retweet network and infrastructure, we are ready to pass it on to someone who can bring it to a higher level. We are very pleased to provide opportunities for new and enthusiastic owners to develop and develop, and continue to develop the potential of the field of news consumption does not

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