Guoxin office to the 500 sentence ballad interpretation of media bias

How to define the

network rumors? Xue Manzi was arrested because is "V"? "Rumors forwarded 500 times more than whether the site should be sentenced? What responsibility in the management of network rumors…… With these questions, Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed the state Internet information office network news coordination bureau. The official said that the next step, will continue to support the fight against the spread of organized online rumors. At the same time, to protect the healthy growth of young people as a routine work grasp.


Xue Manzi checked has nothing to do with the "big V" identity

reporter: Recently, a lot of rumors about the regulation of network rumors, can you tell us about the situation?

answer: more than a recent investigation of manufacturing and using the Internet to spread rumors deliberately, some is to achieve a personal goal, illegally seized economic interests and deliberate disinformation pass rumors, such as Qin Zhihui (Qin fire fire), Yang Xiuyu (Li two split four "). Some are released through inaccurate information such as the arrest of blackmail and impose exactions on Zhou Lubao. There is to vent personal grudge and deliberately slander slander others, such as Fu Xuesheng and jingfangxingju because make up the spread of African cowboy door defamation rumors etc..

some people because of crimes being investigated, it may also have great influence on the Internet, there is a consensus to avoid its illegal and criminal acts, only emphasized that they are "V" or network celebrity, even a rumor that "convicted", this is misleading. Such as Xue Manzi, be punished according to law because of prostitution, promiscuous and other alleged crimes, and his "V" independent identity.

[latest progress]

forwarding water pollution rumors Xue Manzi apology

day before the public security authorities to concentrate on combating organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action and new progress, online environmental experts Dong Liangjie by Beijing police on suspicion of affray crime criminal detention according to law.

Dong Liangjie in a dream on the road of entrepreneurship, there is a person in the network with Vicenza, micro-blog as the "division" and help expand the influence of micro-blog, and eventually its investment company – he is the network big V Xue manzi". Two people together, one person, one person issued forwarding, irresponsible about water pollution problems (such as "tap water pill") false information micro-blog teamed up to make marketing thought panic, water purifier production to open the market to pave the way.

in the detention center, Dong Liangjie and Xue Manzi reflection, for their personal interests, resulting in adverse social impact on irresponsible behavior online, caused many people to panic. They are sincere apologies to the public, and said the network big V influence, but should bear social responsibility.

focus two

is not knowingly not to pursue criminal liability for defamation

reporter: is not a rumor will be subject to criminal prosecution


answer: speak online also

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