China’s largest live platform fraud investors say it is the incentive

brush is a marketing tool, the absurd argument, still seems to prevail in the venture capital circle.

June 20th, there are articles from the media revealed that the country’s largest live platform, reflecting off the existence of the use of the robot account as the user’s situation. According to this argument, a new "anchor" (Live) even during the live broadcast throughout the black screen, can also attract 21 similar "zombie fans " the user entered the room.

information disclosure, also said the industry stand out, this may be the platform through algorithm for broadcast, automatic "zombie fans", a live, 96% of users are likely to be used to enhance the popularity of the dead fly.

but reflect the investment side of the bank, the Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu on this issue is very abnormal, open".

interviewed the media industry investment Chinese net "in June 28th, he is so responsive to customers reflect the brush single question:" the robot is to encourage the new host, encouraging them to live operations……. We want to inspire a new anchor has a desire to live, then certainly need to look more people will have the desire to live, this is a means of operation."

This argument is absurd

: only the anchor was kept in the dark will only be motivated — who will be on a pile of machine code felt his performance is sure to be incentive


Jinsha River venture is one of the early investors. Accept the interview prior to the Tencent of science and technology, vice president Luo Bin said Jinsha River venture capital because of good live, "after the 2015 National Day to reflect the" guest ", from contact to finally decided to invest last only a week".

Zhu Xiaohu had completed a set of potential for Lanting Pavilion, drops, hungry, and so on a number of well-known red book and so on the investment of the start-up, he was regarded as the guest of the next Unicorn company.

he also said that, just a few years ago, the thousand regiment war, the intense competition in the field will be in the next 3-6 months.

brush has become one of the social network user data indicators to pursue one of the usual practices, a large number of fake users can create false prosperity, in order to attract real users to join. This is not a rare practice in China’s Internet industry, but to deal with operational data analysis, it is necessary to eliminate these zombie users, leaving the real data for analysis.

in the broadcast field, increasing competition can lead to many companies have joined the "brush wars", because of widespread fraud may be operational data base line will raise the entire industry, so that honest people will suffer "become a worry.

, however, similar to the "this is an incentive mechanism," the statement has not been in the form of an investor’s public speech. Flowers only vertical >

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