Some views China Lecture network

The site is now positioning, lecturewebsite education website is B2C, is now the only Internet content provider (many lectures is not enough to listen to the image, has considered the pure MP3 format audio files for download to PDA, mobile phone or MP3 walking behind? Wireless online listen to watch the feeling may be more suitable for the target user’s habits, but also the direction of the future of the Wireless Age

lecture network is now the main columns include: management, culture and education, science and technology, natural, political and legal, social life and training examinations, etc.. I believe that he and Hu team should have studied Sina video channels and the total number of video sharing sites, learning, entertainment and so on. Tens of thousands of video programs, are all free, online play is very smooth. The lecture network is now, fees as a profit model, here relates to the timing and details of the operation such as price and so on, it should also be thinking, I think. Also, video sites and video technology, and the network is now a video technology is not very good, can not provide users with a good experience, this also needs to be improved.

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