Baidu ten anniversary this way how come

Abstract: ten years ago, Baidu connect people and information, and with the development of the times, the arrival of the mobile era, Baidu is moving to connect people with services, after ten years of Baidu is to create more value from the information to the service.


2015 August 5th, appeared to celebrate the "ten anniversary of the listing of Baidu" New York times square big screen, these ten years, all stocks continue to appear all sorts of storm, and have to withdraw from the market, while Baidu in the ten years standing from the market until now to bring dozens of investors times the return, Baidu and replay all these ten years of development, from the PC era to the mobile era, Baidu in the end what is done, can bring huge returns


1, PC era, connect people with information

at the end of 1999, Robin Li saw the trend of the development of the Internet, the potential of future search engine technology, holding the dream of changing the world, he quit high paying jobs in Silicon Valley, founded in January 1, 2000, Baidu Inc in Zhongguancun, early employees of less than ten.

"Baidu" two characters from China Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji’s "Qing Yu An · Lantern Festival" words "he found the degreeses", a symbol of Baidu Chinese on information retrieval technology of the persistent pursuit.

early as Chinese Baidu search engine, focused on search technology, through improving the search technology to provide information service quality for the user, the user through the search engine to complete the acquisition of information, and through Baidu technology more than similar products, and launched the following products, comprehensive coverage to the network as requested demand.


MP3: Baidu bought directly related music copyright, offering free music for users, now renamed Baidu music, every year pop music charts identify music every year benchmark, now called Baidu music.

Baidu: Baidu Post Bar Post Bar was founded in 2003, is a hot topic in the network coverage of all super platform, users can enter keywords according to the Post Bar discussion, to participate in various mass niche topics. According to the latest statistics, post bar registered users have reached 1 billion 500 million +, posting the total number of + 64 billion 600 million.

: Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia is a domestic version of Wikipedia, launched on 2006, covering all major vertical areas of knowledge, experts in all walks of life to the corresponding entries for editing, sharing their own knowledge and experience. Up to now, a total of 5 million 90 thousand users participated in the creation of the entry of the 9 million 380 thousand, the average daily search 400 million.


, Baidu music, Baidu Encyclopedia Post Bar is representative of Baidu in the PC era, these products are accompanied by a generation of China Internet users grow, users get entertainment, as well as professional information on the Internet by PC. In addition, Baidu has a lot of matrix products, such as Baidu

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