Old man photographed secretly taking a bath for 3 years 20G

Quanzhou an old man photographed three years in a row to take a bath, shooting video size has reached 20G. Recently, the woman was found in the bathroom of the camera and alarm, the police found that the name of the landlord.

for the installation of videotaping equipment, Fu said, because of his "lust". Fu 63 years old this year, in 2012, the installation of these 3 cameras. He installed a camera, and did not take the real time, every time you heard the bathroom next door came the sound of water, it is estimated that the tenant in the bath, only to open the bedroom on the computer.

Fumou account, since 2012, his house has had 6 tenants. In the selection of tenants, he is more inclined to hire a young woman. 6 of the tenants in any of the 5 women. Police investigation found that the computer stored in a video Fu, he was photographed since 2012, female tenant bath.

if the chance to see, Miss Lee will be in the dark. According to Miss Li and her last female tenants, Fu’s relatively old rental, many places are damaged, they rent, did not think the room was actually the landlord to install a pinhole probe. "He’s so old."

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