The secret of success in home textile chain


on the market in which the most entrepreneurial projects can get the majority of entrepreneurs concern, a good project of rich entrepreneurs can bring better career prospects for you, let the textile chain Dianban together with you to success in the future market opportunities to get rich, not to be missed.

like bed with the United States 3M companies, launched more popular new sherry efficient warm velvet, velvet warm by using efficient Thinsulate Thinsulate insulation materials, heat dehumidification, dust mites, dry air, washable, dry cleaning and washing after the most, will not shrink, warm keeping performance changes are minimal. Such as like feather silk in silk and silk composite be made one down, such as the more popular technology of honeycomb pad and multi technology is the core of warm love is love energy is reflected on the low carbon economy combination.

2011, as the industry’s most innovative brand — like the bed, put a lot of energy and resources to the successful development of nano silver antibacterial materials like "Finnano", "Finnano" is the bedding textile enterprises self-reliance, technological innovation strong evidence.

like bedding nano silver antibacterial material "Fennanuo" through SGS testing and certification (certification test, the antibacterial effect of the skin irritation test proved that "Fennanuo certification)," no resistance, no toxic side effect, cell toxicity is non-toxic, high efficient antibacterial and antibacterial effect from the source, to great extent the negative sleep, is today very environmentally friendly antibacterial materials.

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