Xi’an Lantian rural electricity supplier development business

Xi’an County in Lantian to carry out rural entrepreneurship, and actively encourage rural people to carry out electricity supplier business, and provide all kinds of related training to help support the development of the era of demand for electricity supplier entrepreneurial talent.

In order to improve the

College is located in the village of Strawberry Park

in order to give full play to the advantages of college-graduate village official, with the "Internet plus" platform, demonstration, and guide more villagers to get rich, college-graduate village official Strawberry Park building e-commerce function perfect, make full use of network platform to carry out the sale of strawberry. Since the beginning of winter, the village covers an area of 120 acres, the Strawberry Park students have online sales of 76 greenhouses has been in short supply, become the county by using electronic commerce, a successful example of sales of agricultural products.

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