Confusion after frozen airline poo falls on Indian village

first_imgIndian villagers mistook frozen airline poo which fell from the sky for an “extra-terrestrial” object.Frozen excrement weighing 12 kilograms, fell on Fazilpur Badli village, India confusing the locals to believe the faeces was an “extra-terrestrial” object.It is reported that some villagers thought it was a “priceless celestial object.” Many took chunks of the strange ball to store at home.The mystery object had been sent for chemical analysis, but was “strongly” suspected to be frozen poo dispatched from a passing plane.A senior official from Gurgaon Vivek Kalia, who inspected the ice ball, told the Times of India: “The heavy mass of ice, which is not associated with any type of rainy weather, suggests there is a possibility it might have fallen as frozen toilet water coming out from some aircraft lavatory.“There are a number of air routes in this area.”Human waste on planes is stored in special tanks and is typically disposed once the plane is on the ground.However, leaks can sometimes occur mid-flight. When that happens, sub-zero temperatures outside cause the liquid to immediately freeze creating a frozen ball. Blog January 23, 20180 Commentscenter_img Confusion after frozen airline poo falls on Indian villagelast_img

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