Wan Chai sland tea why so hot

generally speaking, hot project choice, are very choice of market development. In the catering market, chai tea is very popular with the island. Join the Wan Chai Tea Island project, still very has the advantage of choice. Join the project, you are still hesitant what?

360 thousand people drink tea

every day in Wan Chai Island, Wan Chai island now has more than 1 thousand and 200 stores nationwide, Wan Chai island is for domestic famous tea shop to join one of the brand. "Wan Chai island" brand from Taiwan was founded in 2001, is a business with tea, coffee and other drinks as the hot and cold drinks joined chain corporation. Now in the country has more than 1200 tea chain.

"Wan Chai island" attach great importance to brand building, in the building of "Chai island" brand, not only has the most innovative, the most complete, the most unique products, but also in the whole style and the business show in the "Wan Chai island" brand style and core connotation, bring comfortable shopping experience for customers finally, the formation of a strong brand strength and market influence, so as to realize the "Wan Chai island" brand continued and healthy development.

publicity management: promotional advertising lamp, island tea stores is the depth of propaganda, is the best tool to attract pearl milk tea franchisee profitability; highlight tea brand product features and image packaging; regular product promotion and advertising posters, in order to attract more customers.


management program selection, join the chai tea Island project is so hot. Free business, free to join, chai tea Island project, trustworthy!

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